05 October 2008


Abbreviated post tonight, but my entire body is aching, even the eyebrow that my spinning class couldn't touch. It started at 3am when a very upset tummy reared its ugly head. There wasn't any "action" but I slept fitfully the rest of the night. When I got up I was sure I had the plague that Eleanor had on Friday. I got through breakfast and waited until the respectable hour of 9am to phone my neighbor. I fed her cats for a couple of weeks in August and thought I could call in the favor. She took Oliver and Eleanor for the morning, bringing them back fed and ready for a nap. Minutes after they left my body expelled the plague and left me in an exhausted heap. I slept until the kids returned, and went back to sleep as soon as they were napping. The sitter I scheduled previously showed up about five minutes after they woke up. I fled the scene, heading out to pick up Halloween costumes that were on hold. The longer I was out, the more the body aches took over. I am currently curled up on the couch with a remote and a laptop, trying to follow the Red Sox (more) and Steelers (less), and my fantasy league (kicking butt again!). I'll be asleep very soon.

Eleanor's new words:  Amy (she started to say it after Amy went home), no touch (she hears that a lot), cheerios


virginia said...

I hope you feel better very soon. It is SO hard when you are the only parent and have all the responsibility. Great that you had the sitter and that the neighbor could help. Very soon, the kids will be "mothering" you when you are sick. It is one of the most touching parts of parenting.

Colleen said...

sounds like my fun I had in May with the puking and the out-of-town hubby. Hope you're feeling better now.