19 October 2008


I hit the social media trifecta this week. Blogher DC on Monday, dinner with the BurghMoms on Friday, and PodCamp today. PodCamp got underway on Friday night but given the other two events, I thought I was pushing my luck with CD to do much more than a brief visit this afternoon. I squeezed in two sessions and met a number of people with whom I had previously only twittered and plurked. Oddly enough, some of the connections I made will likely benefit him as well.

Though I shouldn't admit it here, I went to a session on SEO. It was certainly touched on at Blogher but I stuck my fingers in my ears and said, "LaLaLa" until they stopped talking about it. I'm not sure why but today was different. I listened, even though most of it was wordpress-centric, and took notes. The speaker had a great hook...how to be number one in pretty hats. She talked about a random post on her blog, made when she just posted a picture and a couple of lines of text because she was tired. That post somehow became google's number one hit for searches of "pretty hats". This hit home with me. A post of mine from February of 2007 contains a link to an image of toile fabric on another site. The image isn't even in my post, just a link, yet that yields me more hits per day than any other search. It turns out I'm number two for toile, if you do a search for images.

I have a lot of work to do, and some of the things I want to do may not even be possible without a change in platform, but that is a last resort. You all remember how long it took me to get off the free template, right?

Eleanor's new words for the last few days: digger, George, frog, Daisy, butterfly, "go dog go", opposites (it's the name of a book), Steelers

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