05 February 2007

pink is the new....well, it's just new

I've reached the point in my pregnancy when I am extremely ready to not be pregnant any more, or ever again. I can't get comfortable anywhere, I still barf occasionally, and there are a few other lovely little things I'd rather not discuss.

It's time to start thinking about clothes and things for baby v2.0, the girl version. (That should probably be v1.1, since I don't view it as an upgrade as much as a tweak.) I was quite sure I wanted to avoid pink as much as possible. Fuchsia, okay, but baby pink? No way. My kid is not going to at all resemble a bottle of pepto bismol.

Her room is going to be a little bit wild, at least for me. Thanks to the kind, kind folks at Javis Davis and some good NaBloPoMo karma, we got off to a good start with a fuscia and lime green blanket and a coordinating pillow. Yum!!!
free stuff from Javis Davis
I followed that with a crib bumper in the stripe and toile fabric, and more toile for valances. In a minor miracle, I found a matching, as in exactly matching, toile cushion for the glider. A green rug will be on order soon. So it's a little bit wild, but all the crazy and bright stuff is just fabrics. I'll be able to take it back to a plain box of a room in a matter of minutes.

The trouble is every time I start looking at baby clothes, the pink stuff is just too darn cute. There is a lot more available for girls than for boys but the best things tend to lean in the pink direction, even the truly hip and trendy is done well in pink. It all started when I found the pink penguin Robeez and went downhill rapidly from there. I haven't bought much but it's only a matter of time before the mouse starts clicking and I start coughing up my credit card number. I could be dangerous in New York this weekend (more about that in another post). JT can be a very bad influence when it comes to shopping.

So I've decided to just draw the line at ruffles. Bring on the pink.

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