20 February 2007


TMI warning -- bodily fluid alert -- bail out while you still can!

My OB called this afternoon to say a urine sample I gave two weeks ago came back positive for an infection. Back on January 3rd I peed in a cup for an insurance company. About three weeks later they told me a decision on whether to give me a policy was "deferred". They knew I was pregnant but apparently do not know that it is pointless to test cholesterol levels in pregnant women. A letter from my OB should solve that problem, though why they can't just do a Google search like the rest of us is baffling. It took me less than a minute to discover this handy tidbit.

When I saw the report they also flagged a tiny amount of red blood cells in my urine. I asked my OB about it and they decided to do a culture at my last appointment. The result is I've had a UTI for who knows how long (at least since Jan 3rd) without any symptoms, and now I get antibiotics, one of my least favorite meds in the world due to the inevitable yeast infection I will get for my trouble.

I hope this is why I've been so tired but I'm guessing it's really just this 30 pound bowling ball someone strapped to my stomach.

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