07 February 2007

no version for baby v2.0

The best news of the day is that baby v2.0, the girl version, is now head down. She's been breech or transverse for many weeks. As long as she stays this way we won't have to consider trying external cephalic version. Sounds like way too much fun, doesn't it?

The only down side (really bad pun, I know) is that she seems to be digging her heels further into my ribs. Maybe it's her knees. Hard to tell, but it hurts like crazy and makes me stop what ever I am doing. I know at least one person who had broken ribs from her baby's in utero movement. I know she's trying as hard as she can to distinguish herself from her brother but really, we get the point. No need to press it further.

My monstrous gut is measuring about two weeks ahead of schedule and my BP is up a bit. I also had to repeat the urine test down at the lab. I'd say she's going to make her appearance a bit on the early side, if I had to place a bet today. The doc already wants to induce four days early, on Friday, April 13, if I choose to go that route. I said it was okay, since I know what I'm in for with an induction, but I doubt we get to that point. As long as she doesn't arrive on Oliver's birthday, I'll be happy.

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