31 January 2007

remind me again why I'm at the Headache Clinic?

Since last week's hospital visit, I have felt fine. Tired, of course, and my joints continue to claim they are 100 years old instead of 41, but generally okay. So what was I doing at the Headache Clinic today? Good question....

My OB insisted I see a neurologist after she and all the other docs I saw were unable to find a cause for my vision loss. I think it was a case of CYA but I opted to humor her and called the neuro guy she recommended. They said they could see me in March, maybe. I pushed and said I thought my OB wanted me seen a bit sooner. Suddenly there was an appointment in two days.

It turns out the neurologist practices at the Headache Clinic. I showed up early, knowing that I had an appointment with someone who may be able to help with my lack-of-employment situation soon after. After much foot dragging, they finally gave me the "new patient questionnaire". The bulk of it was a calendar to chart my headaches (not having any) and the meds I've taken for my headaches (duh, left those pages blank too). Needless to say, everyone was very confused.

The PA was great and took down all of my info and (lack of) symptoms. I told him (and everyone else) as nicely as possible that I had to be out the door at 12:05. At 12:15 I still had not seen the doc and was supposed to be at my other meeting. Deciding that if any of this was stress-related then getting to my other meeting was going to do me more good than anything else, I told them I could not stay and left.

When I called back later in the afternoon to reschedule, they put the doc on the phone instead. He said as long as nothing I experience lasts more than an hour, or happens more than twice a week, I shouldn't worry. He is going to mail me some info about taking a small magnesium supplement and increasing my fluid intake. Made it all sound like he sees this kind of thing all the time and was very reassuring.

I feel kind of bad about bailing on them now, especially since the doc was so great on the phone. At least I don't have to go back in and be recognized as the nut-job who left without seeing the doctor.

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