10 October 2008

FFF - let someone else cook

Fabulous Food Friday returns, and recommends making reservations instead of dinner. My reservation system of choice for the last umpteen years is OpenTable. They tell me I joined in February of 2003, and I have been accumulating points ever since.

I am very impressed with the expansion of OpenTable.  For a while early on I wondered if they were going to make it but now they are in London. They are in a total of 15 countries! I always use them when I am traveling, but now that they have nearly 40 Pittsburgh restaurants in their system, I am starting to use them here at home too.

There's really no reason not to use them. There's no cost to join, and every reservation earns points towards dining rewards. 2000 points is $20. Not a lot but the service is convenient and that's free money. If you can do an early or late reservation, some places even give you 1000 points instead of the standard 100. I love that when I go to New York in February. There is one night in our schedule when an early dinner is required. I love the 1000 point bonus for doing what I need to do anyway.

I just made a couple of "table for one" reservations in DC for Sunday night and Tuesday lunch, before and after BlogHer. I am so looking forward to this trip I can hardly stand it. What's not to love? Posh hotel, good food, fun conference, and no one who needs anything from me. Well, that's not entirely true. Somehow two conference calls have cropped up on Monday for two organizations for which I volunteer, but really, I will not be complaining about this trip. 

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