02 October 2008


I have to post this now or I'll forget. I don't function particularly well on 4 hours of sleep. Damn you Major League Baseball for scheduling the Red Sox for 10pm eastern time. Don't do that again, please, mkay? It was worth it to see John Lester's pitching, Jason Bay hit a homer, and Big Papi to keep his post-season hitting streak alive but there's only so much I can take. Needless to say, prying Oliver away from "highlights baseball" this morning was a major challenge. I made the mistake of telling him that Jason Bay had a home run. At least he didn't fight me on the long pants and long-sleeved shirt.

Eleanor is really racking up the syllables again. New words for the morning are "flowers" and "jacket". She has been working on "flowers" for a few days now but it's very clear now, and she knows that there are flowers on the car seat, in her room, and in a few other places. At least I think she has put it together. She also points to Oliver's car seat and says "Bubba" so you really never know.

I thought the language explosion would have been over a while ago but she has kept it going for weeks now. Let's hope the Red Sox follow suit.

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