24 October 2008

are you shaking me off?

All of this baseball stuff with Oliver has had some unexpected consequences. Take this morning, when I asked Oliver to clear his dishes from the table. He looked at me and shook his head. Not being entirely awake, I just looked at him. He shook his head again. When I still didn't respond in what he felt was an appropriate manner, Oliver said, "I'm shaking you off, Mummy," just like a pitcher who doesn't like the catcher's sign. Then he laughed hysterically, of course.

To add insult to injury, whenever Oliver shakes his head like that Eleanor joins in, giggling all the way. She doesn't know what it means yet, but anything that makes her brother laugh must be good.


Suzy said...

Can the shoulder shrug be far behind?

ClumberKim said...

probably not