20 October 2008

I wanna hold your hand

Until very recently, Eleanor resisted all attempts at hand holding, and I do mean ALL. She would freeze in her tracks and refuse to move if anyone tried to take her hand, often throwing in a scream just for good measure.


Not anymore. I don't know if she learned this at school or it's just a developmental milestone that would have happened anyway. Either way, it makes being out and about with her a lot more pleasant, not to mention safe.

She will even hold her brother's hand. Capturing photographic evidence of that may be a challenge but I will keep trying. They hug now too.


Jennifer said...

too cute :)

Allison Says said...

That's so sweet!

I wish Alex would hold my hand. It would be easy to walk with him from place to place if he would. Instead I have to lug his heavy butt everywhere (which I'm sure you understand with Eleanor).