03 October 2008

have a seat

Today wasn't exactly all that and a bag of chips, but it was not without a few silly moments. Eleanor was clearly not herself when she got up. She insisted on bringing Dolly and her cow to breakfast and would not put them down under any circumstances. The few bites of waffle she ate came from a hand attached to an arm wrapped around a toy.

She didn't have a fever and seemed mostly okay, so I took her to school. Not 15 minutes after getting to the office for a very full day of work I got the call that she had barfed and had to go home. I rescheduled what I could and felt like a total failure about the rest, but with CD on the road, I didn't have a choice.

Once we got home she was very snuggly and wanted to read books. I put her down for a nap and she slept for two hours. She had some toast for lunch, then took another short nap. She seemed very happy and not sick at all, so I let her play while I put away laundry. She followed me into Oliver's room, where she spotted Wally sitting in his adirondack chair. I don't know what she was thinking, since the chair is only about 9 inches tall and not even that wide, but she threw Wally on the floor, put the chair in the middle of Oliver's rug, and tried to sit on it!

We ran a few errands before fetching Oliver. I wasn't thinking clearly when I put Eleanor in the Ergo on my back when we got to Trader Joe's. Fortunately, there hasn't been any more barfing. 

New words for today:  dolly (can't believe it took her this long to say it!), snuggle, football, and seat


Trannyhead said...

You lucked out in Trader Joe's.

That is all.

Colleen said...

Cooper also insists on trying to sit in places his big behind just won't fit.

Glad she's feeling better (and didn't barf on your head).