02 October 2008

the up side of sleep deprivation

The best thing about getting only four hours of sleep last night? I have no guilt about skipping the train wreck that will be the VP debate. I stick to an earlier prediction that Palin will be dumped from the Republican ticket. 

What really fries my bacon (sorry, that was yesterday) is that she does not bring us any closer to the day my daughter sees a smart, capable woman winning the presidency.

Now if Tina Fey were debating Joe Biden....

UPDATE: You know I watched. At least I didn't get ill, though the thought of Sarah Palin representing our country abroad makes me want to move to the UK and deny I ever lived here.

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Jennifer said...

(something hiccuped as I was submitting my comment)

If that ticket wins, there will be a huge market for "I did NOT vote for Palin" swag, and I will be first in line to buy it. :-)