13 October 2008

pins & needles

My best friend in the world for the last 22 years, known here as Tika, is having a baby girl tonight, or maybe very very early tomorrow morning. I'm waiting for a call from her sister. I'm so excited for her I can hardly stand it. As awesome as BlogHer DC was today (more about that later on tomorrow) I would rather be in Milwaukee. I haven't been this ga-ga over a baby I haven't met yet since my own kids. 

She's gonna be an amazing mum. I have always thought that my getting married and having kids before her meant something was seriously wrong with the universe. Tonight, a little piece of the universe is being set right.

UPDATE:  Baby A arrived very early this morning! All is well, and I'm dying for a picture of the new family.

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Trannyhead said...

Yay! Congratulations. This post gives me "need to have another baby" fever. *sigh*