25 October 2008


There seems to be a spider theme running through our lives lately. First Oliver and I read Charlotte's Web. Shortly after finishing, a very large spider took up residence on the screen covering the window of the kids' bathroom. The spider came and went for a couple of weeks but seems to be gone now that cold weather has arrived.

Then Oliver insisted I get the spider halloween costume for Eleanor, overturning my preference for the adorable bee. Thinking we should just run with the spider thing, I found some "spider web" stuff to decorate with, and a very large spider to attach. 

The icing on the cake came from Eleanor, just before dinner. She launched into a lovely rendition of "Itsy Bitsy Spider", getting nearly all of the words. It was amazing, and utterly unexpected. Her previous two word phrases have been things like "no scratch" and "no touch" so to break into song like this was really incredible. 

Eleanor's new words for today: broccoli, camera, hands, leaves

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Trannyhead said...

Ah, spiders. Good times.

I think one I found in my bathroom a few weeks ago laid some eggs because now I keep finding smaller versions of the same spider in my bathroom perpetually.