22 November 2006

demolition man

demolition man

This is the current view of the new house, looking from the dining room into the where the kitchen will be. Three walls are gone, the floor is gone, and the ceiling and outer walls are almost gone. Quite a change from Sunday when everything was intact.

living room, looking into kitchen

Another view, this time looking from the living room into the new kitchen. The existing opening is on the left. That will be filled in. The new opening, giving the cook a view to the living room, is on the right.

Quite a change since Sunday, when everything was intact. I only wish I'd been able to participate in the demo. I suspect it might have been very therapeutic.

Things are a bit different upstairs.

basking in the new room

Bathroom work hasn't started yet. Work in the bedrooms will be minimal. The floors need a light sand and some polyurethane, and the walls need paint. Oliver seems to like the size of his new room. I think I could probably fit three of his current rooms in there!

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Melissa said...

Oh I can't wait to see everything when it's all done. And Oliver looks so tiny in his great big new room!!!