30 November 2006

getting lucky

No, not THAT kind of lucky...it seems my timing has once again been very, very good. First Javis Davis offered me free baby stuff. Today I received email from Jason, the founder of gDiapers, saying I was the 500th subscriber to the Yahoo! group for gDiaper users and he would like to send me a little something. Not sure if that will be gDiapers gear or something cool from Australia but whatever appears, free stuff is always fun.

We thought about trying gDiapers with Oliver but the local shops didn't carry them and I was too lazy to investigate them, and my plumbing, further. The company has really taken off so I'm optimistic I'll see them around here. (NOTE: Looks like there is one shop in Pittsburgh that is selling them, and the new house isn't far from them.) The renovations are giving me a chance to learn more about my plumbing and so far, the reports are fairly good. Now I will definitely have to give them a try when Baby v2.0, the girl version, arrives.

Here ends NaBloPoMo. The bitter end, in some ways. It's HARD to post every day and those bloggers who manage to do it without something like NaBloPoMo hanging over their heads have earned my admiration.

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Elizabeth said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog everyday! Enjoy the rest of your trip in London!