16 November 2006

decorating for the design-impaired

I'll be the first to admit I am challenged when it comes to color and design. On my best days, I can distinguish from what I like and don't like but I'm generally hard pressed to come up with a specific reason. I go with my gut, most of the time. Faced with the new house, which is largely a blank slate, I am overwhelmed. Enter my dear friend JT, with degrees in design and impeccable taste. She lives far away but has generously agreed to come to my rescue by visiting Pittsburgh in a few weeks. We've been emailing a lot, and she's seen pictures of the house so I am hoping that her short visit will be very productive. Fortunately for me, what I find terrifying is her idea of a good time.

I received some advice recently, telling me to look for inspiration everywhere. I may have taken that a little far when I emailed JT that I was thinking about using the colors found in an LL Bean dog bed for the living room. I think I probably need to start looking in more interesting places for my inspiration.

One of the many blank slates rooms in the new house in need of JT's help is the nursery. I have been very focused on "boy stuff", or the lack thereof, since September of 2004, when we found out the gender of our first child. Now that I am expecting a girl, I am starting to wish there were fewer choices. After about two weeks of daily visits to the Pottery Barn Kids website I finally settled on a pattern for crib bedding and accessories. Then suddenly it's all on sale, which can only mean one thing....the pattern is being discontinued.

Now today in my inbox comes the loveliest of emails, along the lines of "you have won" but it had nothing to do with a UK lottery. No, much better. It was from Javis Davis, maker of absolutely gorgeous bedding for babies and kids. They want to give me a couple of free products. I assume they found me due to a comment I left on a NaBloPoMo site. Alas, I'm once again left with a decision...they have so many stunning fabrics and combinations I can't decide what to order. Hoping JT can help me choose. Not sure what I would do without her.

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