27 November 2006

the news from dampville

Rains a lot here. Windy too. We did see a patch of blue sky for a few minutes this afternoon, then it was gone.

Funniest moment thus far: Driving past a place selling garden sheds, spotting a huge sign that says "FREE ERECTION". (This is going to be a boon to my search engine hits, I'm sure....) Wish I had managed a photo. It's in a difficult spot on a busy, narrow road.

Off to London tomorrow. Oliver should enjoy the train ride. I hope he feels the same way about London Eye.

It's too bad I don't have Clumber with me. I could hear shooting when I was trying to take a nap on Sunday afternoon. Today there were beautiful male pheasants in the back garden. They looked a lot like a tasty meal to me.

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