14 November 2006

big news, nearly forgotten

Can't believe I forgot the biggest news from yesterday. My subconscious must be working overtime on NaBloPoMo crap stuff, knowing I would be well-advised to have a reserve in the very likely event the well runs completely dry.

Yesterday morning I found myself face to face with Dennis Quaid and his puppy, Bear. Though shooting on the film has moved to another part of campus, Bear has a doggy friend named Molly over in our building. Mr Quaid was bringing Bear over for a visit. He was very nice and is obviously attached to the pup. I just wish my camera had not been back in my office.

I have to say again how well Mr Quaid fits in on campus. He was just a guy walking his dog, and didn't stand out in any way. Good casting and great wardrobe. I am looking forward to seeing the movie.

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