18 November 2006

day 18, still kicking

This is day 18 of NaBloPoMo, well past the halfway mark. I should be feeling pretty good to have made it this far, right? Nope. I wish. I seem to get to 9pm every night, after thinking at various points during the day of three or four cool things to write about, and decide I have nothing to say.

Today I thought about telling you all about what it's like to BFAR, the fascinating details involved in choosing a super-duper range hood or cabinet finishes, or perhaps the joys of taking one's 19 month old to have his hair cut. Bah. Bor-ing.

So, you're off the hook for today. I will try to be interesting tomorrow.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Well you are doing great...I don't think I could do this everyday! My life is not nearly as intersting as yours...with the new house...new baby...etc. I only have the 19 month old and a couple big dogs in common! Keep it up...I enjoy reading your posts!