07 November 2006

I voted. Did you?

I decided I wasn't too sick to vote today. As usual, the poll workers were a few ants shy of a complete picnic, and I felt too crappy to find it as entertaining as I usually do. The touch screen machines were fine where I was. I didn't miss the silly lever thingies at all.

My timing was better than usual. Only one person was waiting to accost me on way in to the polling place. It's the thing that burns my bacon every blasted election day. I don't recall electioneering being allowed right up to the door when I lived in Maine and a few other places. Here, it's another story. I call it "running the gauntlet". I find it very insulting when campaigners get in my way and shove papers in my face as I'm trying to enter the polling place. Do they think I haven't decided yet? I usually tell them I will be sure to NOT vote for their candidate if they don't leave me alone.

In this case, there was one tough decision on the ballot. I remain unimpressed with both of the senatorial candidates. I went with the democrat, but grudgingly. His only redeeming quality is that he's "somebody else".

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