03 November 2006

house fun begins

Today we had the pest treatment, the radon mitigation system installation, all the locks changed, and yet another fence estimate, all at the new house. We took Oliver along because his school was closed. He loved doing laps around the living room, dining room and kitchen. That will change a bit once the renovations commence but it still should be fun for him. He pressed the maid's bell that's in the floor of the dining room on one lap and scared the stuffing out of the locksmith. Alas, no maid appeared.

He seems to love his new room. He lights up when I take him up there and tell him it's Oliver's room. The awnings were taken down sometime in the last couple of days and it makes the second floor a lot brighter. We will not be putting those back up in the spring, just the ones on the back porch.

I'm afraid there may be a lot of posts like this one during November. NaBloPoMo seems to be pressuring me right into writer's block.

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