07 November 2006

too sick for Dennis Quaid

It's sad. Really really sad. I must be pretty sick if I'm staying home when Dennis Quaid, and his dog, are hanging out mere steps from my desk. Just yesterday I was discussing what he could bring to my bed before I'd throw him out. I think I drew the line somewhere just beyond toxic waste. Crackers would not be a problem. Ah, the crazy hormones of pregnancy.

I saw Mr Quaid and "Bear", his adorable yellow lab puppy, walking together outside when I was heading out to my car yesterday. Nice to see he doesn't staff out the puppy's potty breaks. They didn't stand out in any way on the campus, except for the security-type dude with a wire in his ear watching them a discreet distance away. Not wanting to scare said dude, I didn't get out my camera.

I'm not sure I like the facial hair on Mr Quaid. I go back and forth about that. Always loathed it, on everyone, until CD. He shows more hair than skin on his face, and has for many years. I think he's about eleven years old in the only picture I have ever seen of him without it. If anyone ever told me I'd marry a guy with facial hair, I would have suggested they might be insane. On Quaid, it does seem to fit the part he's playing.

Shooting is supposed to be going through Thursday so I should have a few more chances for another brush with celebrity.

If you are visiting from Blogging Baby, welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I'm actually doing okay for blog fodder (and hope to hold off on a poop post for a few more days at least) but what I could really use is ideas for re-naming this blog. To catch you up on the state of things, we're down to two dogs, the "baby" is very much a toddler, and there's another baby on the way. "Three dogs and a baby" doesn't quite fit anymore. I should have realized it didn't have legs but thinking ahead isn't exactly my strong suit.

So if you want to help, put some ideas in the comments. Please be nice. I have a delete key and I'm not afraid to use it.

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