11 November 2006

the biggest little game in america

The day we wait for all year has arrived, the day the Ephmen of my alma mater beat up on the boys from that other school, home of the defectors of 1821, in football. Williams isn't a big school, about 2000 undergrads, and it's Division III, so no one is there on an athletic scholarship. But there will be alums watching the game in at least 50 locations, including the William Penn Tavern here in Pittsburgh.

This is the 121st meeting of the two schools, making it the most-played rivalry in the US. Williams is currently undefeated, while Amherst has a 5-2 record. But that really doesn't matter. Today begins with a clean slate. Williams could be 0-7, beat 'herst, and declare the season a success. None of the Williams faithful would bat an eye.

Check back later to see what happened. Go Ephs!

UPDATE, 1:15pm: It's not over but at the end of the first half, Williams was leading 27-0. A certain small person named Oliver needed a nap so we had to leave.

UPDATE, 2:45pm: Ephs win, 37-7!!!!


Melissa said...

Oh, I am so sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Lehigh-Lafayette rivalry is the most played rivalry in the U.S. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lehigh-Lafayette_Rivalry).

In fact, this Saturday will mark the 142nd meeting of the two schools (http://www.lehighsports.com/sports/football/release.asp?release_id=4935) and I am POSITIVE, Lehigh is going to kick butt!!! (Can you tell I am a Lehigh alum?!?!?!)

Kim said...

Lehigh and Lafayette are NCAA Division I-AA. Williams and Amherst are Division III. Each rivalry is the oldest in its division.

I stand corrected.