19 November 2006

fair weather fan

I admit it. I'm a part-time Steeler fan. So many years in New England as a Patriots fan during the years they were known as "The Patsies" has made me feel like I deserve to enjoy the success they have had in recent years. As long as the Steelers and Patriots are not playing each other, I root for both teams to win. And when they do play each other, I lean towards the Patriots or stay neutral, knowing I'll have a team to call my own the following Sunday.

Now that it looks very much like we're staying in the 'burgh for the long haul, I should probably re-think that policy. Winning the last Super Bowl helped, of course. This year, it has been a bit more difficult but here we were today, rushing home to catch the end of the game. We were not disappointed, as the Steelers took the lead for the first time with 33 seconds to go. We've gone from defending Super Bowl champs to, "Wow, they've won two in a row!"

Just so you remember this is really a mommy blog, Oliver said, "Steelers" today. I'd try to spell it the way it came out but all of my attempts don't come close to doing his pronunciation justice.

Question for the Blogger users.....I'm going to be out of the country during the last week of the month and don't want to risk my thus far successful participation in NaBloPoMo. Since I don't seem to be able to schedule my posts ahead of time, do I have any options? I may have web access when I'm across the pond but I don't know for sure. What to do?

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