17 November 2006

not so tame after all

I think most of the new house is going to decorated with fairly neutral colors. I'm finding myself drawn to various shades of beige, khaki and cream lately. So when I had to choose something for the new nursery from Javis Davis, I was surprised that I kept going to back to some bright color combinations. I've always been a fan of bright colors but lately I have been choosing things like basic blue and sage green instead of anything more on the wild side.

So it was a bit of a surprise to type things like lime and fuschia and black when I was placing my order. I'll have to post some pictures when the blanket and pillow arrive. Later on I'll order a crib bumper and some fabric for curtains. I am hoping I can re-cover the rocking chair as I don't think Oliver's denim is going to work in his little sister's crazy room.

As for Oliver's room, I was turned on to a cool paint technique that looks like chambray fabric. And the person who suggested it even offered to help. It doesn't get much better than that. CD wants to put up chair rail in both kid bedrooms so we'll do the chambray effect on the bottom, and paint the rail itself RED.

The rest of the house may lean a bit towards boring but the kid rooms are going to be a lot of fun. It is such a relief to have a few ideas and a direction, even for a few rooms in the house. There is lots left to sort out but we're on our way. Demolition may begin on Monday!!! The architect emailed last night that he's eager to get started.

Tomorrow we finalize all the appliance decisions. I think CD is going to give in on his wish for a side-by-side fridge. (He's never tried to fit a pizza box in one!) The only real dilemma is the range hood. The kick-ass range needs a decent hood but we need to find one for less than the $1200 estimate. So far, the in-the-counter steamer/pasta cooker and the wine fridge remain a part of the plan. For how long, I don't know, but we are rapidly approaching the point of no return.

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