09 November 2006

21 more days of this?

Oh dear. The well has run dry. This is what I get for posting four times in the last two days. Payback. Here are a few tidbits, apropos of nearly nothing.

1. It is possible to watch too much HGTV. When I was home sick I watched a ton. I thought maybe I would see something to inspire me for the new house. Nope. Nada. Zilch.

2. Google maps covers more than just the US and Canada. You probably knew this. I didn't until I checked today, looking for directions for our UK trip in a few weeks. I will be able to navigate our way from Gatwick to Surrey. I do not drive over there. The roundabouts scare the crap out of me. CD seems to have no trouble switching back to driving on the left so that's his job.

3. IETF audiocasts its sessions. I thought it would be fun to let Oliver hear Daddy tonight, since I knew there would be a well-timed session where CD would likely be speaking. Oliver looked confused for a minute, then he demanded Elmo.

4. I finally broke down and got Oliver a Steelers sweatshirt. Everyone, and I mean everyone, in town wears Steelers gear to work on Fridays before a game. It's weird, like a black and gold bomb went off all over the city. Now I just have to remember to put it on him tomorrow morning.

Pretty lame, I know. Maybe something more interesting will happen tomorrow.

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