07 December 2005

the nicest room in the house

Without question, Oliver's room is the most "done" and easily the nicest in the house. Not coincidentally, it is also the smallest. It's an irregular shape which doesn't help. Maybe 10 feet at its longest and widest points. Itty bitty, yes, but we've managed to creatively cram in all the furniture and storage a growing boy needs.

The renovation project was planned for between Christmas and New Year's last year and the plan was to rip out the carpet, spruce up the nice hardwood floor, paint, apply chair rail, bask in the glory of our handiwork. We were not counting on finding 50 year old linoleum under the carpet, since it didn't exist anywhere else in the house. In the end, it took about six weeks of hard slogging to finish and we acquired many new power tools. I can take almost no credit for the finished product. Other than the sponge painting, it was all CD. I have never thanked him properly for working so hard and giving our baby boy such a nice space.

Last weekend the finishing touch was added.

I wish I had a "before" and a "during" to add. Prior to becoming the nursery, this room had icky blue carpet and housed the dog crates.

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Matt said...

That is one nice-ass crib, I'll say that much. We got Dunc's crib on a close-out from a K-Mart that was going out of business.

Nice job, kids, on the room. (That linoleum makes me think the house may have been subdivided into apartments at one point and this was an upstairs kitchen or something. Not that I've been to chez Daboo of late, but I've seen a number of Pittsburgh houses that were like that.)