26 December 2005

ho ho ho and mistletoe and presents for pretty girls

My two favorite men came through with excellent Christmas gifts. Thanks boys!!! After months of whining, and hints that were not the least bit subtle, I now own a digital camera. It's a Canon PowerShot SD450 and is truly an itty bitty thing of beauty.

Here's a little bit of what it can do, without me reading the manual. I did take a peak at the manual this afternoon. The "pets and kids" mode sounds especially intriguing. I will have to do a bit more reading and fiddling with the camera, but I'm really pleased with what it can do without me knowing anything at all.

Oliver says, "Thanks for the legos, Auntie Kate! They sure are tasty."

[Bonus points for the first commenter (other than my sister) to identify the title of this post.]


Elizabeth said...

Glad to see you had a great Christmas, and you got that digital camera you've been longing for! You'll love it.

Bonus points...is it from Charlie Browns Christmas? I remember hearing the presents for little girls on it. Thought I'd give it a guess!

Kim said...

You guessed right, Elizabeth! Well done! Lucy is lounging against Schroeder's piano and asks him to play something Christmas-y. He plays a rich version of something classic and she says, "No No No! Christmas! Like hohoho and mistletoe and (slows down here) presents. for. pretty girls." He responds with a one-fingered version of jingle bells. She loves it, of course.