29 December 2005

penguin's handiwork

Penguin has been obsessed with Oliver's new puzzle. So much so that when I wasn't paying attention she stole one of the pieces, by its handy handle, and took it to her bed for some quality chewing. Perhaps she is not getting enough fiber in her diet. I am hoping some sandpaper, or maybe the dremel, can make the piece safe to use again. Pen does not appear to have injested any wood.

The little guy has been under the weather today. He started the day lethargic and clingy, running a low fever. He wanted to sleep a lot, preferably on the chest of one of his parents. The fever went up a bit near dinner time. He's snoozing now, after a couple of long nursing sessions. I hope I am making antibodies to whatever he's fighting off and he will be his happy self again tomorrow.


Melissa said...

Hope Oliver is feeling better soon.

Kim said...

Thanks Melissa. He's making slow progress.

SJ said...

Hi, Kim. Thanks for the link. I'll reciprocate shortly. I also love the "Oliver Age Watch" in your sidebar..lol.

Matt said...

Oh you mean like this?


Photo Courtesy of Space Dog.