28 March 2008

what's in your fridge?

Sleep deprivation causes me to be unable to remember much of what I have eaten this week. I did some nice chicken thighs in the crock pot with mushrooms but they really were not blog-worthy even if they were ridiculously easy and not our usual dinner fare.

I made some pretty good pasta with sausage and broccoli raab last night but again, not really notable, though watching a 35 month old and an 11 month old eat linguini is pretty entertaining.

Most of my current thoughts of food are revolving around menu planning for the kids' birthday party. I'm trying to come up with a brunch menu for a huge number of people (50+ is not out of the question) that is very kid-friendly and can mostly be done ahead of time. I was sent a recipe for a baked french toast that looks very good. I'm going to break down and use disposable pans. The environmentalist in me is struggling with that one. I am also going to attempt a test run at Bakerella's cake balls this weekend, if I can find the necessary sticks.
I should have saved up the pizza crust I mentioned earlier in the week for today's post. That was probably the best thing I cooked and/or ate all week but I was optimistically thinking there would be something better. Looks like I was wrong.


Virginia said...

It's a pretty boring idea, but how about setting up a waffle station? You can make the batter ahead of time and it gives you a whole set of extra cooks (and away from the oven) plus another source of hot food. Aside from the batter (and needing to put the machine away from little hands), it isn't messy and it will provide a simple base food that may work well with finicky young eaters.

If you are like me, you'll end up washing and trying to save the "disposables."

Kim said...

Good idea, and it's now on the list. I am hoping I can make some ahead of time, since the kids are too young to really understand waiting for them. My sister who will be joining us gave me a great waffle maker a while back. Though I rely on frozen most mornings, Oliver likes the home-made ones best.

Virginia said...

Really decadent? Whipped cream and strawberries as toppers because it's spring (you can just put the bowls out near the waffles, and you can use cold waffles for this). But it is messy for the little ones.

We used to have waffles with a meat hash (usually turkey), if you want to get creative. Serve with cranberry sauce. You could do lamb and mint sauce. Or a curry (very mild) could be a great accompaniment. All are make-aheads that can sit warming.

Another spring dish that is a make-ahead: deviled eggs. These always seem to delight people.