25 March 2008

the streak is intact

Eleanor went to the Doc today. She hasn't shaken the cold and this morning she refused to eat breakfast. Her appetite had been falling off all weekend, and this is a child who eats anything and everything. Of course, her nursing hasn't fallen off one bit. At the moment, I am glad for that. At eleven months Oliver was starting to have a little whole milk because he was down to just two feedings a day and didn't really care about one of them. Eleanor, on the other hand, still nurses about five times a day, sometimes more. 

So the Doc diagnosed an upper-respiratory infection of some sort. He said her ears are "involved" but he was unwilling to declare an ear infection. Our streak of nearly four child-years without an ear infection continues. I think another day and we probably would have had greater problems so I am glad I took her in. She had not been running the fever like Oliver was last week, but she was much more miserable than he was.

She's taking the antibiotics like a champ and I expect her to be feeling a lot better by tomorrow. She ate a little applesauce for dinner but has mostly been sleeping and nursing, nursing and sleeping.

It seems both kids have inherited my tendency to get sick during extreme changes in weather. We have been experiencing warm days, followed by snow, etc. for the last couple of weeks. Fortunately it appears neither has inherited my penicillin allergy.

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