23 March 2008

all things considered, meh

Lest this blog turn into a total whine-fest, here's the quick and dirty:
  • Oliver's cold is a little better. 
  • Eleanor and I now have it, minus the fever so far.
  • Oliver went splat on pavement this weekend. Twice. Despite the sounds he made at the time, the only visible evidence is a bruise on one knee.
  • Easter was okay. Eggs were hunted. Other than an aforementioned splat, it occurred without incident. I got up at 7am to hide the damn things, not knowing that our neighbors would not be egg hunting until after the mass that.would.not.end. That would be around 11:45am. Someone in the house knew this but did not feel it necessary to share this tidbit with me.
  • Longer naps do not always result in happier Olivers.
  • Tears were shed at dinner, over a meal unfinished and a chocolate bunny withheld. 
Tomorrow, I promise, there will be something more interesting, if not more cheerful, to discuss.

1 comment:

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! It's just not right that kids refuse to share their food, but will happily share their colds.

I would need to hurt the information with-holder that prevented you from getting a reasonable amount of sleep.