21 March 2008

we may have to start calling this mediocre food friday

Date night was mostly successful. The movie, Vantage Point, was better than I anticipated. The car chase is nearly worthy of a Bond film. Stuff blew up, which means I can probably get CD to a chick movie sometime soon. 

Dinner was okay. I had hoped to go closer to home for food, patronizing one of our neighborhood establishments, but CD suggested the epitome of mediocre chinese food, a certain chain. I have no idea why he likes this place. It is generally loud and crowded, the service is poor when it is not condescending, and the food is unremarkable. So that's where we went! CD has been so grumpy lately that I thought it wise not to push this particular point. 

For a change, my entree was good! It was szechuan beef and just about set my mouth on fire. Typically their version of "spicy" is pretty meh, even for a lightweight in the spice department like me. Not this time. It was sufficiently spicy that I did not have to drown it in red pepper sauce. In fact, I did nothing to it. It was fine, just as it was. I had a taste of CD's dali chicken and didn't like it.at.all. I can't tell if he did or not, since he typically eats whatever is placed in front of him, without comment. (To be fair, he did once say that a cake I made was good. One comment in 10 years....) In the end, the best part is that I did not have to do any dishes.

When we arrived home both kids were sleeping. The sitter reported a mostly uneventful evening, though Oliver melted down, wanting his mummy, after dinner (where he ate about three bites). He never does this with a sitter. I am going to blame the residual effects of his cold and sleep deficit. Eleanor, though entirely off schedule due to a late nap and an early nurse, went to sleep on the second try. Go sitter!

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