27 March 2008

a penny for the needle

No, Oliver doesn't yet have an opinion on capital punishment. At least not one that I am aware of. No, it's that Music Together stuff again. Most mornings he wants to sing "Pop! Goes the Weasel" and tries to carefully time it so he says "Pop!" when the waffles fly out of the toaster. Usually we are moving slowly and I have to make the waffles pop out a second time. There used to be tears if we were not ready when the toaster popped but he eventually got past that. Progress, I suppose.

He's got a bright future in botching song lyrics, as you can see. I am not awake enough to get the camera set up for Pop! in the morning but I did manage to capture this little snippet:

I don't know about Oliver but I am getting a little tired of our current Music Together CD, Sticks. It's great, and I'm sure we will continue to use it but I can't wait for the new session to  start in a little over a week. We get a new CD (the disc type, not the spouse!), thank goodness.

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