19 March 2008

could it be Wednesday?

Oliver is still home from school. One thermometer says his temp is normal, and the other says it's about 102. He didn't sleep much last night (and I know this because, wait for it, I wasn't sleeping either!) so I thought it was a good idea to keep him home again, if only because I would probably have ended up having to fetch him early anyway.

After both kids "performed" for our architect, who was here to talk about doing some shelves and cabinets in the living room, CD fled the scene and I was left with both monsters children. And by "perform" I mean Oliver asked for a "nosewipe" every 3.5 seconds, announced he was pooping, borrowed the architect's pencil and scribbled on his printout of our living room, and generally acted like a 35 month old. Eleanor was wiggly, wanted to play with Oliver's toys and generally acted like an 11 month old. Fancy that.

Moving on...

The only way I know it is Wednesday is from taking a peek at my blog stats, arranged by date. Hey, look at that! It's Wednesday! Time for bacon, right?

Ree is The Pioneer Woman and her bacon appetizers are sublime...in a totally 1981 sort of way. As a 15 year old in 1981 I was oblivious to just about everything that is important to me now, like bacon, so I will have to take everyone else's word for it. I do remember club crackers though. She includes step by step instructions and photos, including what not to do. I really wish every cookbook included those sorts of photos. I could volunteer to take them too.


Tara said...

Shall I tell you how old or where I was in 1981? :-D

On the other hand, I cannot recommend PW's tomato cream sauce pasta with shrimp enough. Its on my menu for this week - a second time this month, and I don't usually make artery cloggers that many times in the same month. It is sooo good and easy.

Kim said...

still in diapers, right?