19 March 2008

we passed ridiculous a long time ago

Remember my steamer saga and that fine company that sounds a whole lot like Gag-me-now? It gets worse. I got the stupid estimate for having the circuit re-wired. I called to find out if they got my fax. They called back to say yes, we got it, now we're waiting for a supervisor to approve it. Then nothing. For a week. I called today and found out it was approved six days ago but no one thought it necessary to tell me. Okay, well, I can move on from that. It's progress, even if I did have to call them, yet again, to find out.

Then I asked if another replacement steamer was being sent. This stumped them ENTIRELY. It took the phone rep 10 minutes to review the file, remain confused about why I needed another unit, me spending another 10 minutes explaining it using words of one syllable or less, then 10 minutes of conferring with a supervisor before telling me it would be 24-48 hours before a supervisor could approve that. 


Steamer.is.dead. It.is.our.fault. Send.new.one. How hard is this, people?

One would think, after all this, that they might be the least bit interested in making me feel a little love. Apparently not.

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