05 March 2008


Bet you thought "wednesday bacon" was just a flash in the pan (I crack myself up). Oh, no. Especially when a commenter on last week's post gave me such a good link to talk about today.

Bacon Vodka! I noticed this before the comment was made, but I'll give full credit to my friend from Virginia who claims to be a calls himself Clumber. 

Like last week's bacon cups, I haven't actually tried this but it sounds amazing. My bloody mary's would never be the same. The commenters on the original post have lots of interesting ideas. Please let me know if you try any of them, or have some ideas of your own for how to best use bacon vodka.

Alas, my alcohol consumption is on hiatus. It has recently become clear that my occasional half glass of wine too well correlated to nights when Eleanor doesn't sleep well. A bacon bloody mary will be high on my list of things to try when she is finally weaned.

1 comment:

clumber said...

claims to be a Clumber?

Hey, that's my picture, right there, you can see what I am, and I'm sure no beagle!