30 March 2008

waiting for the other shoe

So all in all, it was a pretty suck-tastic week. In addition to the stuff I already blogged, the following happened:

  • The daughter of a friend died on Wednesday, after being diagnosed with leukemia the previous Sunday. She was 42 years old, and leaves a husband and two young children.
  • A couple of weeks ago I found a lump in my breast. Since I'm still nursing I didn't think very much of it. When I went to the doctor on Thursday she found it too, unprompted. Ultrasound is Tuesday.
  • Also on Thursday word came that another friend died in her sleep. She wasn't 42, but she was too young for that.
Then there's the minivan thing, which in no way compares.

Here's hoping for a better week.


Elizabeth said...

I pray you have a better week too!

The Spunky Mommy said...

If anything qualifies as a sucky week, this does. Sending good thoughts your way...