16 March 2008

dreaming of daisy

Oliver has really enjoyed the last 10 weeks of Music Together. He's extremely enamored of Daisy, who leads the class. I didn't realize quite how enamored until a few nights ago. I went in to check on him before going to bed myself and he was talking in his sleep. I thought I heard him talking about "Stacy", though I did not know of any Stacys in his life. The next morning I asked him who Stacy is and he said, "No, Mum. Daisy!" He clearly had been dreaming about her. This was the first time he was willing to discuss his dreaming.

Last Sunday during the Jammie Jam, a special extra evening music class, when Daisy told the children to snuggle up with someone they love, Oliver walked over to Daisy and climbed into her lap. This, while he had the choice of Mum or his favorite teacher from his old school (who met us there to help me with both kids). We try not to take such things personally.

I am not sure how he is going to get through the next two weeks while we wait for the new session to begin.

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