01 March 2008

night one of fifty two

So it was night one of 52 nights unplugged, and not entirely successful. The plan was to avoid all screens, beginning at 5pm. CD sent a text message around 5:20. This is a rare event so I had to grab my phone. We made it to the party at Oliver's school, 45 minutes late due to the snow and insane traffic, and I felt the phone vibrating again. I had new mail and something told me I should check it. It was my realtor, saying she was sick and would not be able to do our call. So, good thing I looked. I am kind of annoyed that I printed out a long document in preparation for the call though. If not for the whole unplugged thing, I would not have had to print it. And then it wasn't necessary in the end. Wasteful, and frustrating.

I did manage to avoid TV and get a whole bunch of magazines cleaned out of my bedroom, but I checked email a few more times in the course of the evening. 

It was also Blog365's day of rest, but I'm guessing you didn't miss me.

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