14 March 2008

plugged in

Not unplugged tonight. Just wasn't practical. I am going to try again tomorrow evening. Though there isn't much going on that's worthy of a post all on its own, there's a bunch of little stuff, like that band-aid over there.

  • Oliver got a boo boo last night. I didn't see it happen but it involved the front door and there was a little blood and a lot of crying. Though he was asking for Grover, finding Cookie Monster on the bandaid made it all better.
  • Eleanor's sleep has gone completely in the tank. Every night this week, except last night, she has needed a second visit before 8pm and required more nursing. (Last night she was so tired from not napping all day that she crashed almost immediately. Then she screamed from 10:30pm to 12:30am.)
  • WWDC is seriously messing with my summer plans. June was going to be complicated anyway, with CalConnect in Madison and my 20th college reunion, then a visit to my family in Maine. Now WWDC is going to be the week we planned to spend in Maine. And CD typically has to be in California the week before and the week of WWDC. How all this is going to play out is anybody's guess. I don't mind going to Maine with the kids by myself. I'll have reinforcements when I get there. (I am not thinking about the drive home, however!) We do have a nanny scheduled to go with us to the reunion, but I really don't want to go without the spouse. Seeing so many people I spent four years being intimidated by becomes a whole lot less fun without him. I was miserable five years ago when we decided to skip my 15th because we had just gotten married and were postponing the honeymoon until fall. It seemed like the right thing to do until the weekend actually arrived. There were tears. And a promise to myself that I would never miss another reunion.
  • Fabulous Food Friday should be all about pie today, since it is Pi Day. Alas, I bailed. Priority one today was getting Eleanor's napping back to normal. There was no room for pie. I did make a new discovery this week, one that may be even more my downfall than Girl Scout cookies. Bolthouse Farms hazelnut latte. Oh.My. Go get some. It's way yummy.
  • I was asked to judge a puppy match next fall. I'm still in a bit of shock about that one. The thought of it is scary as all get out, but after thinking it over a bit I said I would do it. It's a very low-key affair, fortunately. About as gentle an introduction to judging as one could imagine. Still, I will probably spend weeks fretting about it, reading breed standards and the cow judging book that is supposed to be the bible of this sort of thing.
There, I think that's enough for one night.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I hate when the sleeping goes down the toilet. Good luck getting her back on track!

Virginia said...

Eleanor will get back on track soon. She's doing a lot of very difficult work, with all that mental and physical development going on. I noticed it in the last photograph you posted: she is almost a toddler now. Such huge changes and so much to process... I have compassion for her (and for you for having to deal with some of the byproducts).

You are right: don't miss your reunion.

If you fear the ride back from Maine, is there any chance you can get someone to make it with you? A relative from Maine who could then spend a few days with you and fly home? A friend who lives along the way who could then visit you for a few days? Do you know a Maine teenager who might like a bit of adventure/appreciate a ride to some point along the way and could help with the kids a bit in exchange?