09 March 2008

return of the empanada

Fabulous Food Friday got postponed this week. It wasn't a terribly exciting week, culinarily-speaking. The food that most grabbed my attention was the pineapple mango empanadas that have returned to Starbucks. Yeah, I know, the evil empire of coffee. Sue me.

When it comes to food at Starbucks, the one thing I have come to expect is that they will have something I like and it will disappear within a week or two of my discovery. (Also true of the Mocha Valencia drink, though it took them a little longer to discontinue it.) This is what happened last year with the yummy empanadas. I found them and poof! They were gone. I was shocked to see them back.

Get 'em while they last.

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nytesong said...

Sigh..let me try leaving this for the 3rd time!! (And much shorter by now, too)

I despise this habit of Starbucks. They think our palates have the attention span of 2 year olds.


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