20 March 2008

date night!

Light posting today...it's date night! So I need to clean up a bit before the sitter comes and clean myself up a bit too. I managed four consecutive days of showers and would really like to make it five. That could be a record since Eleanor arrived.

Oliver was well enough to go to school today. Not sure who was happier about that, him or me. In any case, cough suppressant/decongestant products actually do work on kids over 2, or so it would seem. Thanks, Dr O, for the suggestion that perhaps some OTC meds were in order. Oliver slept great last night, and didn't even wake up when one of his bulletin board squares fell off the wall in the night. CD and I thought he had fallen out of bed but when I went up to investigate, he was snoring away.

Our other news is from my niece, expecting her first child in August. It's a GIRL!!! Eleanor won't be the only girl in this batch of family babies, and this will be my mom's first great-granddaughter, joining the four great-grandsons. Given Eleanor's size I wasn't too worried about her running with the boys at family gatherings but it will be really fun to have another girl around.

Back to the date...we're going to see Vantage Point. Dinner options will depend on what time the movie ends and what traffic is like. I am hoping for something worthy of Fabulous Food Friday. Otherwise you'll be hearing about what sprang forth from my crockpot this week, or perhaps how I doctored a box mix of cornbread. 

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