31 March 2008

no shoes dropping today

Nothing horrible happened today! Woo hoo! Some would count the purchase of Crocs for Oliver as horrible, but since I have the same kind in the same color, I cannot agree. Oliver and I now have matching Keens and matching Crocs. I always thought Eleanor and I might have some matching clothes someday (we do have a mother-daughter set of socks) but never anticipated this. Parenthood is just full of surprises.

I have some progress to report on the sleep front. Eleanor has slept all night for the last three nights, approximately 7:30pm - 5:00am. I'm not entirely willing to declare victory, but I am not complaining. She's also down to nursing just four times a day. Though Oliver was down to twice a day by now, and didn't care much about one of them, Eleanor reminds us yet again that she is her own girl. 

And since I really have nothing more to say, I'm going to bed to enjoy all that extra sleep....

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