01 May 2008


We had a better day in the ring. It's amazing how light on her feet Penguin can be when you take about three pounds of hair out of her. We won the class, but didn't go any further. Still we had to wait until the very end. Madame was not pleased. She napped whenever possible. Then we waited for pictures. Then it started raining. Madame was not pleased. This is a dog who would rather not pee in the rain if possible. 

I managed to hold it together in the ring but when we came out that very last time I sat down with Penguin and had a good cry. I have told her it's the last time before but she knew better than to believe me. I wasn't lying this time. It really was our last lap around the ring. We had a great time together and she accomplished far more than anyone thought possible.


clumber said...

Well done, Kim and Penguin! Now you both need some well deserved rest!

Jenn said...

Wow, good job. I have no experience with showing dogs, but have always figured it was a LOT of work, both physically and emotionally.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...


Well done!