27 May 2008

what little boys are really made of

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails? Not here. For starters, the dogs' tails are docked. I think Oliver might be full of beans...jelly beans.

Yesterday, at the block party, Oliver joined the merry band of neighborhood kids tearing around, in and out of yards and the street. As might be expected, there were periodic outbursts of crying. We parents were remarkably adept at filtering out all other sounds when it was one of our children. 

Eleanor was toddling about under very close supervision so we didn't have any tears from her. Oliver did very well but eventually scraped a knee. CD helped him recover, and we even got him to sit down and eat a bit. And then he spotted the table of sweets....

He had a bite of chocolate cake (source unknown), and a bite of a coconut cupcake that we made earlier. Then he ate jelly beans. Every time I turned around he was into the jelly beans again. I have no idea how many he ate.

I do know he had a great deal of trouble sleeping. We lost count of how many times we were up with him. He needed a drink of water. And another. Then his knee hurt. More knee hurting. I finally gave him some motrin. I think he was only up one more time after the motrin, but there could have been more. I don't remember him having a night so restless in more than a year.

Was it the sugar? The scraped knee? Over-tiredness? I'll probably never know, unless I give him another bowl of jelly beans right before bed.


Karen said...

You know you have to try the jelly beans again. You'll never be able to live without knowing what was keeping him up.

Allison Says said...

Oh man...restless nights are the worst. Especially when they aren't the norm! When they were smaller, waking up often during the night was acceptable!

Hopefully it was just sugar, and not a pattern forming!