18 May 2008

a little rain must fall, but this is ridiculous

May Market was this weekend. It's been cold and rainy for days so when it looked like there was a break in the weather this afternoon, I loaded Eleanor into the Ergo on my back and headed over there. The break didn't last as long as expected. About five minutes after we arrived it started to rain again. We managed to get home without getting soaked but it was a challenge. We did a lot of sprinting towards tree-canopied spots in the sidewalk when downpours intensified. A brolly would have been very, very useful.

While at the May Market I spotted two Phil & Ted sport doubles. I have been searching for a used one for about a year now. While I would love the new Vibe, I would settle for any model that has, or can take, the doubles kit. If the kids in the ones I saw had been older I would have made them an offer on the spot but in both cases, the younger child was younger than Eleanor. Someday I will find one, and with any luck it will be before Oliver hits kindergarten.

Since I arrived at May Market on foot with exactly $8, and everyone seemed to take cash only, my purchases were minimal. After a bit of searching, I found the Pittsburgh Iris & Daylily Society's table. I have had daylilies for a few years, thanks to a Clumber friend (the one who is also a wonderful artist). She sent me a few when we bought our last house and I was hooked. They are the perfect plant, blooming beautifully and thriving on neglect. I moved some to the new house, planting them the weekend I went into labor with Eleanor. Though they were mostly sold out, I found one I liked and bought it. It was a little scary though, choosing one all by myself. My friend has chosen all the ones I have for me, and they all look great together. This one will stand out as it is a little bolder in color than my other ones, but I have decided that no garden decision is irreversible, and I can always move it to another spot later (like I did with the hostas I planted last spring and moved last fall).

If you think you can't grow anything, give daylilies a try. Nothing could be easier and the show is delightful.

To come: Peonies! My peonies are starting to open. I may have one ready to photograph tomorrow or the next day.


Karen said...

I've been in my spring gardening glory. As soon as the rain gives me a break again I plan to renovate a few more gardens.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Your peoonies are ready to bloom? Crap. I think that means mine isn't going to bloom again this year. Just when it finally starts blooming, I have to move it and it goes back to hiding its blooms for a few more years.