07 May 2008

six degrees of bacon

In a slight departure from the standard Wednesday Bacon offerings, I bring you The Bacon Brothers. I'm so timely it is scary. Last week, when I was making a few notes for this post, I had no idea that The Bacon Brothers would be on the Today show this morning, Wednesday, along with a pile of Mommy Bloggers I worship. No, I didn't see any of it. There were too many books to read with Eleanor and nasturtium seeds to plant, but I'm sure it was great. There should be video available eventually. [Update: Here's the video.]

We love The Bacon Brothers here, though our experience was, until today, limited to their work on the Sandra Boynton CDs Philadelphia Chickens (where they do the title track) and Dog Train. A few months ago Oliver was wanting to dance with me to Philadelphia Chickens every night. Poultry in motion is a beautiful thing. Mum attempting to do the twist with a two year old? Not so much.

1 comment:

clumber said...

Kim, here's a good one! Two delicious flavors in one treat! I'm not sure my stomach's quite erady for it, though!