02 May 2008

head 'em out

Eleanor and I are among the very few Clumber folk remaining at the hotel. People started to leave this morning but many stayed for the regional specialty, essentially what we did yesterday, but with different judges. When it came time to enter I thought we would all be going home today so I did not enter. Then plans changed and we stuck around, but that was okay. Penguin was sleepy and probably would not have shown well anyway. She also had not pooped since Tuesday. (That problem righted itself late this afternoon.)

Once the regional was over the mass exodus really got going. Some people headed to the weekend trailer shows and hunt tests, and the rest bolted for home, some by way of an airport. It made me wish I were leaving too, but we wait for CD and Oliver to arrive tomorrow to take us home.

I have only talked with Oliver once since they left on Monday, and it was a disjointed conversation, at best. This is the longest I have ever been away from him. For the first day or two it was a nice break, but now I miss the little squirt like crazy. I hope he missed me too, and not just my outstanding peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

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clumber said...

Just to appreciate real hell, my mum and dad used to show Skye Terriers. Oi! Long hair, brains the size of a pea, and rollers after they were groomed! \\Enjoy being home!